Some of the commonly asked questions we get here at West Cabinet…

Why can’t I place an order for your Custom products online?

The custom products we sell are manufactured on site in Somerset, Kentucky by West Cabinet. West Cabinet cabinets are complex and difficult to price due to the tremendous variety and options available. This can lead to a costly error if ordered incorrectly. By having quotes sent to us, we are able to carefully review orders for accuracy or conflicts that may cause delay or error.

How long do I need to wait for a confirmation on Custom products?

Generally 24 hours, but perhaps longer if West Cabinet has questions on the order that require an answer before it can be entered into the system. We will work with you to answer these questions in an expedient manner to ensure the final acknowledgement gets to you quickly.

Will you sell to me as a homeowner? If so, what will be expected of me?

Certainly we sell to homeowners! As a matter of fact, homeowners make up 90% of our clientele. We love working people through their cabinet order and hearing how pleased they were that they saved thousands on their kitchen and ended up with something so much nicer than what they would find at those ‘big box stores’. Homeowner clients will be expected to have at least basic knowledge and will be required to review and sign off on all quote information prior to ordering. Since many of the products we sell are custom, they can’t be returned!

Can I get my order faster?

Yes, in some cases. We have several expedite programs that will get you product in as little as 3-4 business days. These programs do have charges associated and maximum piece counts will apply. Just give us a call to discuss.

Do you provide live technical support for ready-to-assemble products?

As we are cabinet makers ourselves, we will be happy to assist any way we can. However, we do not provide guaranteed live support. If you cannot reach us, just leave a message and we will return your call.

Do you provide design services or guidance?

Yes, we do. Should you have any questions on your kitchen design and how West Cabinet can help, just give us a call. We will also review your order for accuracy as compared to your design. While we can’t guarantee that we will catch errors , we will review your design compared to your order and look for door/drawer conflicts, finished ends, finished interiors and similar often missed aspects of a kitchen order.

Can I get a sample of my door or color?

Absolutely! Give us a call or email us your request! Sample blocks are $15 freight included while door samples are generally $60 with freight included. These fees are credited back to you when you place your full order. Remember, many of our products are custom and even the samples are made just for you, so you still need to specify all the product details.

Why am I charged for samples?

Because samples cost money to make. We will be happy to apply the cost of your samples to your order once placed (limits apply).

Why do I need to pay 100% in advance?

Because your order is built specifically for you and can’t be restocked. Once we release the order on your behalf, we are responsible to pay for it. However, for repeat and volume customers, we will consider some kind of ‘terms’ arrangement. If it eases your fears at all.  Home Depot and Lowes charge 100% up front as well, so it is a pretty established practice in build to order cabinetry to collect the full amount in the event a builder or client runs out of project capital and cannot pay their balance.

Do you offer credit terms?

For repeat/volume customers, we will consider extending credit terms after several smooth transactions have taken place.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Mastercard or Visa, check or Paypal. We can arrange direct bank transfers and wire transfers in certain situations. Call us to arrange.